I got referred to these guys by a friend, and I wore them out over the phone before I let them have my money. Best gun decision I ever made. Gun is awesome, I don’t think there’s a single part of this gun that they haven’t enhanced or modified in some way. Sticks targets like nothing I have ever seen, and blows away guns I have seen in my local shop for twice the price. Nick and John are the real deal; they delivered my gun in 10 days and included every little tweak that I asked them for. I need another one.

Brandon McGarvy

Cleveland, Ohio

Buy a Hammer. You won’t regret it. From the minute you hold it in your hand, you’ll know what I mean. No rattle — such a precision-machined weapon. And the thing is solid - you’ll be able to put rapid groups through it and the thing just absorbs recoil like a champ. Add a Troy muzzle brake and it gets even better.

If you want a high-end AR rifle, this is the one you want to buy. For the money, you get a $3K rifle for less than half the cost.

Wayne S.

NW Pensylvania

Bought this gun sight unseen based on a recommendation from a buddy of mine. They aren’t kidding, it shoots into one ragged hole at 100 yards. I can’t get over the attention to detail either. I don’t think there is a single component that hasn’t been improved or modified. This is my only AR with a mid length gas system and what a difference, almost no recoil of muzzle blast. Eats whatever ammo I run through it, too. I’m impressed and will tell all my friends.


Tampa, Florida

I can’t say enough about my Hammer AR. This gun shoots extremely accurate with very little recoil. John and the gang have treated me so professionally and I know if I had any issues they would step up and take care of it. I highly recommend this company and their excellent weapons. Just hope they would come out with an AR-10 (.308). I want to add that gun as my Hammer number 2.

Mark G.

Gulf Breeze, Florida

I bought my Hammer in December 2014 and it has been worth every penny. I’ve put over 5,000 rounds through the rifle without any malfunctions, and it has been the best AR I have ever owned. I was surprised by the lack of recoil, which makes rapid fire target engagement almost too easy. The fit and finish were flawless, and I love the fact that there is no play between the upper and lower receivers. Buy this gun, you won’t regret it!

Evan H.

Pensacola, Florida

Shot my Custom Hammer for the first time yesterday and was thrilled. These guys delivered exactly what they advertised at a reasonable price. The rifle is tight. I put 300 rounds through it yesterday and I can’t feel any effects from the recoil today.Every part shows the meticulous attention to detail you would expect from men with their background. It looks great and I received better personal service from Nick and John than I got when I bought a 25K car. 5 stars and my strongest endorsement for Hammer Arms!

Randy W.

Crestview, Florida

Got the chance to run this rifle for two days thanks to Hammer Arms! I was thinking it’s just another AR, but I was wrong! I’ve ran rifles double the price of this gun and didn’t run like Hammer Arms rifle. This gun was so smooth and zero muzzle rise! I was very impressed with this gun, especially with the price tag for a custom rifle! Definitely recommend this gun to anyone looking to buy! On top of that great guys and service from Hammer Arms!

Jeremiah Gallaway

Got it out of the box set up mounts and glass. What a fine fit and finish. Loaded some 62’s, 68’s, 70’s and 75’s I get it to the range in the morning and see if it shoots a good as it looks. I will be shooting the different ammo’s to see which one will be the steady diet for Heavy. I will keep you advised as to how it shoots. Guy’s, you did a fine job, and a lot quicker than I expected. I don’t think you can purchase as much gun with as good a fit for less than $2,500.00 to $3,500.00. I have been shopping for a long time, and am very happy with my decision. Thanks guys! anyone wondering about the gun, get off the fence and buy. You will be happy when it arrives!


Far South, Texas

Myself and two of my friends recently purchased Hammer Arms rifles. Finally had a chance to get to the range and put some rounds through the rifles. And I only have one thing to say, these rifles shoot just as good as they look. They are definitely the least felt recoil that we have ever experienced shooting an AR platform. The rifle’s performed flawlessly. 0 malfunctions Between the three of us we have over seven combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. These are definitely some of the finest AR’s we have ever had the opportunity fire. If you are thinking about getting a Hammer, do not hesitate.


Titusville, Pennsylvania